I can’t clock in/out

I can’t clock in/out


What is causing the problem?

If you are having trouble clocking in or out, the most common issue is denying location services. You will likely notice that the address field is empty and that is why you cannot clock in or out. This happens when you:

  1. are using a popup blocker,
  2. selected “no” when the website asked for your location,
  3. or you have location services completely disabled on your device.

How to fix the issue:

On a mobile device (phone/tablet)

  • You MUST have your location services turned on on your mobile device.
  • When clocking in or out you will see a popup asking for permission to access your location. You must select “yes” or the address field will not populate and you will not be able to clock in.
    • When you accidentally select “no” once your mobile device may remember this and never fill in the address field again. If this is happening you need to change the setting in your phone. This seems to happen more commonly with iPhones. Please see the videos below with instructions on how to change your location settings on your mobile device.

On a computer:

  • Disable any popup blockers for peepity.com
  • Make sure to select “YES” when the browser asks you for your location.
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Posted by Nicole Bernd (Questions: 10, Answers: 77)
Asked on January 14, 2022
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