PEEPity Update 2.01

PEEPity Update 2.01


New Features

Clinical Preceptors Site Access
New Feature:
**This feature only applies to users that have clinician (aka preceptor) accounts**

  • Clinical preceptors can fix/change which school sites they have access to by changing their state in their user profile. From the main page they can edit their profile. By changing the state, the sites they can access is automatically changed. This can be a quick fix if a user does not have access to your school site. I will upload a tutorial video with more information on this asap.


Clinical Journals (Educators Only)

  • Added “Actions” column for clairty.


Clinical Time View (Educators Only)

  • Data now correctly shows time in and out for manual and non-manual entries.
  • You can now edit clinical time entries once they have been marked as complete OR absent.
    • Fixed issue where the edit icon was not appearing for absent entries.
  • The clinical time entry’s total time now automatically updates when you edit an entry.
  • Updated status for clock in or out for absent and manual entry rows to more clearly indicate what phase the clinical time entry is in.
  • You can now use the “Toggle Inline Edit” feature in the upper right corner of the main view page to edit all entries scheduled date and times. You cannot update other things than this using inline edit, as this will break the entries in progress. Please wait for the edit button to appear (when the entry is marked complete or absent) to do more extensive editing of an entry.

Support Forum

  • Users had some trouble creating support requests in the new forum, this has since been fixed. Users will get a message that their ticket was submitted, but it will not appear in the forum right away. Once reviewed it appears in the forum and will be answered asap. Please have users and students use this area to search and ask for help.
  • Fixed issue some guest users were having with reCAPTCHA when trying to create a question.
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