PEEPity Update 2.02

PEEPity Update 2.02


Clinical Journals

  • [Update][Affected Users: Students] Added a button to the confirmation page to allow students to easily add multiple journal entries.
  • [Update][Affected Users: Students] Added “Actions” column with a view, edit, and delete icon to the student view. Update Educators Added a delete action item to the action column in the educator view.
  • [Update][Affected Users: Educators & Faculty] Added a “Review” column that is purely cosmetic to provide an option for educators or faculty to mark an entry with a green “approved” checkmark or a red “reject” mark. These are for tracking purposes only when you have multiple faculty reviewing clinical journals, and you want to know which ones have already been read.
  • [Fix][Affected Users: Students] Fixed issue where some students could not edit their clinical journal entries.

Clinical Sites

  • [Fix][Affected Users: Everyone] Fixed an issue where clinical courses listed on the clinical site information page were taking users to a blank page. Now when anyone clicks on a clinical course on a clinical site page, it takes them to the skills list for that course.


  • [Update] [Affected Users: Educators] Added an “Actions” section to the educator’s view on the skill log to improve clarity.
  • [Fix][Affected Users: Clinicians] On the skill log page for clinical preceptors, the “View Pending” button pointed to an empty page. This button now points to the preceptor’s inbox where they can find all pending items from students.
  • [Fix][Affected Users: Everyone] When viewing the skill log the competency score was missing from several daily log entries. This was happening because the competency rating field was not required, so many preceptors did not complete it. To resolve this, the field was marked required so preceptors must enter a competency score when approving daily logs.

Support Forum

  • [Update][Affected Users: Everyone] Added sidebars that show a button for asking a new question, asked questions, and bookmarks to improve usability.
  • [Update][Affected Users: Everyone] Added a search bar at the top of the support page so users can find already answered questions.

New Tutorials

  • [Created for: Clinicians] Added a video to demonstrate how clinical preceptors can fix or change which school sites they have access to. That video can be viewed in the support forum. Here is a direct link to that video.
  • [Created for: Clinicians] Added a video to demonstrate how clinical preceptors can add or approve skills for students. Here is a direct link to that post. Here is a direct link to that video.
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