PEEPity Update 2.05

PEEPity Update 2.05


Employer Survey

  • [Fix][Affected Users: Educators] Fixed the wording in an outgoing message to employers for employer survey requests. These messages will now properly show the name of the school sending the request.
  • [New Feature][Feature Request][Affected Users: Educators] Improved this survey to allow it to be used for employment verification. New field for graduates job title. Added the new job title field, existing form completion date, and hire date to the PDF to allow this document to be submitted as proof of employment to placement departments.

Multiple Forms -> Preceptor Dropdown

  • [Fix][Affected Users: Students] Fixed an issue for some schools with many preceptors where students could not see all preceptors in the dropdown menus. Now, students should be able to see up to 1500 preceptors in the dropdown menu when completing forms like preceptor evaluations, manual entries, affective evaluation requests, and skill requests.


  • [Fix][Affected Users: Educators] Fixed an issue where the evaluation type would show admin_switch when an educator completed competencies. Now, this field correctly displays the type as “faculty”. Fixed all entries that were affected by this visual bug.
  • [Fix][Affected Users: Educators, Faculty, Precepting Clinicians] Fixed a small visual bug that would not display the competency rating in the overview section as an evaluator was completing the skills form.

Educator View

  • [Update][Affected Users: Educators] Now educators have the ability to view their school site as a student, clinical preceptor, or faculty member without having to create dummy accounts. The field is visible as an educator in the right side panel.
  • [Update][Affected Users: Educators] Now educators have the ability to view their school site as a specific user to help students or other users troubleshoot issues, or answer questions. This feature is available from the educator administration panel.

Clinical Time/Schedule

  • [Fix][Affected Users: Educators] Notes have not been appearing in the educator schedule view. Currently a temporary fix was applied that moves the notes to the top of the single entry view. This is not the ideal fix, but allows the notes to function again until a better solution is discovered. We are working on a solution that will allow notes to function here and be displayed at the end of the entry.
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