PEEPity Update 2.06

PEEPity Update 2.06



  • [Fix][Affected Users: Educators] Fixed an issue where educators could not assign a user category to announcements.

Employer & Graduate Survey

  • [Update][Affected Users: Educators] Added a question to the employer survey that is required for schools with ABHES accredidation. The question is on the second page and reads, “I would hire another graduate from this program”. The respondents can select an option ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. This question will also appear on PDF documents.
  • [Update][Affected Users: Educators] Added a header to Employer and Graduate survey PDFs stating the PDF was generated on Also, locked down PDFs so they cannot be edited after download to ensure regulator acceptance.


  • [Fix][Affected Users: Students] Fixed an issue where preceptors were not all preceptors were populating in the skill request form for students. Now all preceptors should appear in this dropdown.
  • [Fix][Affected Users: Educators] Updated the competence column so that the score is visible in the overview once again.
  • [Update][Affected Users: Educators] Added a new (DL) tag in the “TYPE” column of the skills view so educators can quickly see which entries are daily logs, and which were entered by a preceptor directly. See figure 1.
  • [Update][Affected Users: Educators] Added a observation column to the educator skill view so that you can see the level of observation at a glace. Feature integrated at the request of current PEEPity educators.
Figure 1. New tag added to educator skills views page in the “TYPE” column. When a (DL) is visible the entry was completed as a skill request or “Daily Log”.
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