PEEPity Privacy Policy

Privacy is a Fundamental Right

At PEEPity, we take your privacy seriously. We focus on only collecting data needed to improve our systems and accomplish our task to help respiratory therapy students complete educational requirements.

What is “Personal Data”?

Your “personal data” is information that identifies you, like your email address or name. Data that does not identify you is considered “non-personal data”.

When non-personal data is stored with personal data it is treated as personal data. When personal data is stripped and the remaining information cannot identify you, it becomes non-personal data.

How Your Data is Collected

PEEPity gets information about you when any of the following occur:

  • you provide information to us directly (e.g. submitting forms, sending us an email, etc),
  • someone else provides information about you (e.g. students submit a request for you to complete a checkoff for them),
  • or, we collect information to better assist you (e.g. on our support ticket form we may collect your web browser type to help us more quickly troubleshoot your issue).

What Does PEEPity do with Your Data?

First, we are not in the business of selling any of your data to marketers or information brokers. We feel that this practice is unethical and violates your data control and privacy rights.

Information collected on PEEPity is used internally to improve the site and its services, help students complete regulatory educational requirements, assist students in the clinical experience, and help schools maintain mandatory records for students. Additionally, you can use the site for social activities like connecting with your fellow Respiratory Therapists or finding new job opportunities. However, you have control of how much you would like to participate and share on the networking side of the site.

Additionally, all data collected is protected by security and firewall measures.

When is Your Information Shared?

  • When we have asked for your permission and you have given it to us.
  • When required by law. When we are contacted by governmental or law enforcement agencies for your information regarding a lawsuit we will comply only if obligated and will notify you of the information release unless we are directly prohibited from doing so.
  • When it is necessary to prevent harm to you or another person.

How Your Data is Protected

PEEPity is serious about protecting your data. We implement technical and physical security measures to reduce the risk of data leaks. If we learn of any security breach that occurs, despite these efforts, you will be notified.

We only store data as long as we need it and delete any records that are not useful for our purposes. Please note, that due to the nature of regulatory requirements, some student paperwork must be kept in student records for an extended period of time.

Privacy Policy Changes

In the event that this policy is updated, you will be notified through online posting.

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